Weekend Backpack Program

Food bags help kids get through the weekend.

The Weekend Backpack Program, begun in 2009, runs for 36 weeks during the Mansfield ISD school year, starting the first Wednesday after Labor Day.

Volunteers meet at 4 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, Building D, 777 N. Walnut Creek Drive, to stage and pack approximately 400 bags of food, containing two kid-friendly breakfasts, snacks and lunches, that will help children in need eat through the weekend.

The program is currently serving 23 schools throughout the Mansfield ISD. Funding is provided by local churches, which pick up and deliver the food to the schools on Thursday mornings. Students receive the food on Fridays, unless there is a school holiday.

Single servings of ravioli and fruit cups are currently needed.

For information on signing a student up for the meals from the Weekend Backpack Program, contact your student's school counselor or nurse.

For information on sponsoring or donating to the program or to volunteer, please contact Kay at k.klenz1977@gmail.com or Bob at bob.klenzendorf@gmail.com.